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» Dublin City Marathon

Today, benefiting from the public Halloween holiday, the traditional annual Dublin City marathon took place. The weather was exceptionally nice; it was sunny, but as usual there was also a cool breeze from the sea. The marathon was won by Russians: Aleksey Sokolov and Alina Ivanova. Unfortunately there was a sad incident during the event – one of the participants collapsed and died, most likely due to a heart attack.

The route led practically in front of my house, so I used the occasion to snap some pictures:

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2006/10/30 18:55 | places/dublin/

» My neighbourhood in Dublin

It has been 1.5 years now since I moved to Dublin, Ireland. I think it's high time to show some of the pictures I have taken in my neighbourhood.

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2006/10/03 00:16 | places/dublin/

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