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» PKP leaflet and typography

While being recently at Gdańsk railway station, I was a bit bored and I took a leaflet from PKP (Polish State Railways). It contains the train schedule between Gdynia and Hel (there are more, for other routes as well) and it's obviously nothing special, except for a tiny detail on the back…

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2007/11/16 13:16 | places/tricity/

» SKM ticket machines

For several months now there are ticket machines installed on Szybka Kolej Miejska (SKM, the suburban railway in Tricity, Poland) platforms. Recently, I had the opportunity to test the devices myself and here is my review.

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2007/11/11 21:47 | places/tricity/

» Paweł wants to climb Aconcagua

A couple of days ago my friend Paweł Urbański set off for an expedition to climb the highest peak in South America – Aconcagua (6959 metres). The simple fact of participating in such an undertaking deserves recognition, but the real surprise for those who don't know Paweł is the fact, that he has been blind for the last 11 years. He chose a very difficult challenge, but it is achievable – he travels with an experienced team of colleagues and what's more importantant, he is likes overcoming all kinds of barriers a lot.

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2007/02/13 14:58 | places/aconcagua/

» Dublin City Marathon

Today, benefiting from the public Halloween holiday, the traditional annual Dublin City marathon took place. The weather was exceptionally nice; it was sunny, but as usual there was also a cool breeze from the sea. The marathon was won by Russians: Aleksey Sokolov and Alina Ivanova. Unfortunately there was a sad incident during the event – one of the participants collapsed and died, most likely due to a heart attack.

The route led practically in front of my house, so I used the occasion to snap some pictures:

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2006/10/30 18:55 | places/dublin/

» My neighbourhood in Dublin

It has been 1.5 years now since I moved to Dublin, Ireland. I think it's high time to show some of the pictures I have taken in my neighbourhood.

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2006/10/03 00:16 | places/dublin/

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