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» Vision Express OMG!

Many people wrote about the new Vision Express commercial in Poland, but I haven't seen it recorded anywhere yet. I asked Hubert “Depesz” Lubaczewski to share his TV recording and I'm posting it below.

The ad gained a lot of popularity among Polish Internet users because of a peculiar choice of letters used on optician's Snellen chart. They used some acronyms, which are very popular in chat rooms and other situations: OMG, WTF, STFU, PWN3D, UR A NOOB, LMAO, ROTF, KTHXBYE, :P. Hats off to the media agency which invented that! The idea most likely comes from the giftedtwisted design available at cafepress.com.

screenshot 1

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

screenshot 2

The VOB file I got was first cropped, then I deinterlaced it and converted into OGM format using Xvid and OGG Vorbis codecs. The result: Vision_Express-OMG.ogm (3 MB). In case you have trouble watching it, I recommend VLC. I also uploaded it to Google Video, which is posted below:

2007/09/13 19:30 | media/ad/

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Kielbasa pierogiedenieszciwhekski

Janus | 2007/09/15 21:22

what is it going about??

Matthew | 2007/09/25 21:33

Actually, this commercial is a direct ripoff of a t-shirt done by an American artist, Aaron Williams.  http://www.offworlddesigns.com/ps-73-2-eye-chart.aspx

Megan | 2007/10/25 00:49

I have had that shirt from offworlddesigns for years.  It is copyrighted material owned by Aaron Williams, and giftedtwisted, cafe press, Vision Xpress and their marketing company should be waiting for the lawsuit to fly.

Bob | 2007/10/25 23:49

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