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» Subliminal advertising 2

In my previous post I wrote about subliminal advertising in the form of single frames inserted into a movie. It was never proven that this form of advertising influences the viewer at all. However, there are other ways to inconspicuously influence people, as two employees of English advertising agency Maher Bird Associates found out (horrible website, BTW).

The clip below was found on YouTube by my friend Tomasz Rychlicki. I really recommend watching all of it.

The question remains, if the events shown here are in fact true. The author of the programme, Derren Brown, is known for his pseudoscientific experiments demonstrating mind control. Was this one fake as well, or is it a genuine way to influence people, who should in theory be less susceptible to subliminal advertising because of their job? You decide!

Additionally, here is another recording of the same author, but made for American TV.

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