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» Commercial Union and a cut tree

In my previous post about the music in ads I wrote about Wedel-Cadbury. Several people commented on Polish version that there's another ad with similar nice music – Commercial Union Poland with the cut down tree motive. Both in the comments and on the web one can find suggestions that the music is “Les Jours Tristes (Instrumental)” by Yann Tiersen. Is that really the case?

It's easy to forget the exact tone of the CU ad. There was a movie, Amelie, released earlier which had the above mentioned piece in the soundtrack. Someone came up with an idea, that the ad music was very similar and he spread this unconfirmed information. To be honest, I was very skeptical about that, but the problem was to find a recording of this ad from 2003. I tried the web search, P2P, FTP – without luck. Finally, I decided to have a look at Commercial Union's website itself and amazingly it was right there. The commercial is part of the campaign called „Trust comes with commitment” from June 2003.

I uploaded the movie to Google Video for easier playback, so without futher ado watch and, most importantly, listen to the piece, which certainly is not Yann Tiersen's „Les Jours Tristes (Instrumental)”.

In case you have any doubts, the clip below (quite nice, by the way) has the original Tiersen's music:

Update: Karol Papała commented on my Polish blog, that he found the actual composer of the Commercial Union ad music. It's Maciej Zieliński, a Polish guy and an author of many more tunes used in popular ads. You can listen to some samples at his website, including the CU piece (local copy).

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