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» Subliminal advertising 2

In my previous post I wrote about subliminal advertising in the form of single frames inserted into a movie. It was never proven that this form of advertising influences the viewer at all. However, there are other ways to inconspicuously influence people, as two employees of English advertising agency Maher Bird Associates found out (horrible website, BTW).

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2007/09/29 23:18 | media/ad/

» McDonald's: subliminal or viral marketing?

OK, this is pretty old, but I just happened to stumble upon this. On January 27th, 2007 the American TV station Food Network during their regular program shown just one frame with McDonald's logo.

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2007/09/20 20:39 | media/ad/

» Vision Express OMG!

Many people wrote about the new Vision Express commercial in Poland, but I haven't seen it recorded anywhere yet. I asked Hubert “Depesz” Lubaczewski to share his TV recording and I'm posting it below.

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2007/09/13 19:30 | media/ad/

» Commercial Union and a cut tree

In my previous post about the music in ads I wrote about Wedel-Cadbury. Several people commented on Polish version that there's another ad with similar nice music – Commercial Union Poland with the cut down tree motive. Both in the comments and on the web one can find suggestions that the music is “Les Jours Tristes (Instrumental)” by Yann Tiersen. Is that really the case?

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2007/09/04 20:12 | media/ad/

» New Wedel's advertisement 'Garden'

There's a new ad in Polish TV for E. Wedel (or more correctly Cadbury-Wedel Poland) called “Garden”. The music and atmosphere are really worth noting here. I have a suspiction, that the author of the music is Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, though the official note doesn't mention the name of composer, unfortunately. Its character is very similar to the Oscar-winning music from Finding Neverland.

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2007/04/10 14:50 | media/ad/

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