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» The final countdown

It's going to happen tomorrow – the final race of 2007 Formula 1 season. I wonder which one of the three World Champion title pretenders will have the most luck…

An unusual coincidence could cause all three drivers to finish the championship with the same number of points. Räikkönen would have to come second, Alonso – fourth and Hamilton – eighth. All of them would then have 108 points. Regardless, we wouldn't have three winners, because according to the rules, Räikkönen would win with five individual Grand Prix wins, while both McLaren drivers only have four.

Suppose that the fight would take place just between Alonso and Hamilton, there are four different combinations of places in Interlagos race, which would result in a draw and – if I'm correct – both of them sharing the World Champion title.

Outside the Great Britain, where Hamilton is obviously the big star, he is much less popular in other countries. The main reason for that is the fact of apparent favourable treatment of the driver by both FIA and McLaren's management (both organisations are in fact dominated by the British). That's why I personally support Alonso, hoping that he will repeat the success as in two last years.

In the background of the main combat, people in Poland cheer for our own Robert Kubica – hoping that maybe at least once in this season Robert will have more luck and the car will perform fine. The stability of his BMW for the whole year was well below expectations.

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