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» Polish football game featured on Irish TV

I was quite surprised today when I saw that the Irish sports TV channel, Setanta Sports was showing a live broadcast of the Euro 2008 qualification game between Poland and Kazakhstan.

Surely this is quite an important game for Poles, but seeing it abroad was quite unusual. In addition to that, they didn't show the game of their own Irish team vs. Cyprus, which took place at the same time. The explanation is simple – at least 100 000 people migrated from Poland to Ireland since we entered the European Union and it is a very substantial number for such a small country. Apparently people at Setanta are good observers and they felt this will bring them more viewers. The Irish are more into their own sports – Gaelic Games, like hurling and Gaelic football. Conveniently, these sports are almost unknown outside Ireland, so they can comfortably say they are the best in the world.

A second surprise came during the half time, when I saw the first Polish commercials in local TV. Western Union and Permanent TSB were offering financial products. No wonder – a bank account and some way to send money back to Poland are crucial things one needs after arrival. Two other spots in Polish were related to work issues: SIPTU (a workers union) and Health and Safety Authority (mostly regarding safety at building sites, as that's one of the top occupation for our immigrants).

These are not the only organisations which spotted the niche, for example Magnet Entertainment offers a package of Polish TV channels. Various governmental bodies translate their websites and documents into Polish. There are Polish shops, pubs and restaurants in Dublin and at least three newspapers.

It is quite a strange feeling to see the impact of our nation on Ireland. And I must admit it is a nice feeling. The Irish are really friendly and open to our nation, my only hope is that our immigrants will keep the good image of Poles. And BTW, we won 1:0 :-)

2006/10/07 23:32 | i_like_it/sport/

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