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» Kubica - bad luck limit reached

Phew, those who followed the F1 Canada Grand Prix in Montreal can now breathe normally. Robert Kubica must have used up all the bad luck limit this season, though on the other hand one can also talk about lots of luck, as he was not injured. Honestly, when I saw the accident, the one is San Marino, Imola track, 1994 crossed my mind. It was when Ayrton Senna was not so lucky. I was also watching the race live in TV and I remember commentators' suggestions that maybe he moved his head after the crash and maybe he'll survive. Unfortunately that was not the case.

Senna died not because of the crash itself, but the reason was the skull damage when a piece of wheel suspension broke his helmet. In case of Kubica three wheels and lots of other parts were torn. I was afraid that any of them could have done similar damage to Senna's, but fortunately he was lucky. One has to admit, that a lot has been done to improve safety of Formula 1 cars between 1994 and now. Two years ago I was in London's Science Museum (highly recommended!) and I saw an exhibition of Mika Häkkinen's car, which he crashed at 207 mph (333 km/h) and was not injured. The label was quite appropriate: “The safest car in the world”. I hope it stays that way.

2007/06/12 22:07 | i_like_it/sport/

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