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» Good vs. Evil foosball table

Haha, a really funny foosball table, which features the teams of Good and Evil. In the first team you will find Mother Theresa, Flash Gordon, Mahatma Gandhi and of course God himself. The opposite team features such celebrities as Adolf Hitler, Jack the Ripper and Lucifer. I won't post the link to the table's maker, because they have a horrible website made in Flash.

When talking about foosball, I'd like to mention that I almost never played it for all my life until I came to Google, where I was quickly drawn into the game by my colleagues.

Almost everyday after lunch we would go in the gang of four to the games room and play four games (till 10 goals). Why four? As one would expect from the computer geeks, everything was designed carefully. Between the games we changed sides and also inside the teams we exchanged positions between attack and defense. Thanks to that, in four games we could cover all possible permutations. The game was very addictive and exciting. The table on the picture below really suffered a lot, so we continuously had to make small repairs, like fixing the players and greasing :-)

Foosball table in Google Ireland office

Foosball table in Google Ireland office

2007/04/20 04:33 | i_like_it/sport/

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