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» Fernando Alonso the champion of Formula 1 2006!

And finally Fernando in the last race of the season held on Interlagos curcuit in Brasil finished on the second place, which was more than enough to score his second World Championship title. Obviously, an important event of the final part of the season was the announcement of Michael Schumacher's retirement from Formula one, as well as his outstanding performance in recent races. Obviously he was also keen to get the top podium spot in Brasil, but technical difficulties were against him. Nevertheless, big respect for his crazy chase today from the last place, when he was almost a lap behind, to the fourth position at the end. Bar the flat tyre, Ferrari looked invincible.

By the way, a couple of words regarding watching Formula 1 on Irish TV. It is quite nice actually, because the qualifying session and grand prix itself is transmitted by two channels: Irish Setanta Sports and British ITV (known here as UTV, Ulster Television (nice domain, BTW)). So, when one of them makes a commercial break, one can just switch to the other and have a continous reception. Fortunately they haven't synchronised their ads yet, besides ITV shows a lot more of them.

Our own Robert Kubica didn't have much luck today, as he came ninth, just behind point scorers. Nevertheless, he is undoubtedly a revelation of the final part of the season and surely has a lot of potential. Local commentators speak very well about him.

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