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» Christmas gingerbread

As some of my regular readers might have noticed, the frequency of new blog posts dropped recently. I hope that being a just baked young father is a good enough excuse for that :-)

Regarding baking – today the whole family under the direction of my loved wife baked gingerbread cookies for Christmas. Yummy and lasting, they can even stay edible for several months, which is a nice feature for geeks and students. Highly recommended, if needed I can share the recipe. The wife can't be shared, I'm afraid.

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2007/12/23 23:47 | i_like_it/photo/

» Pulitzer Prize 2007

The poignant series of photos by Renée C. Byer was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography category. It tells the story of lost battle with cancer. Highly recommended.

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2007/04/22 04:05 | i_like_it/photo/

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