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» Google and piracy (IT Crowd)

A second season of the cult TV series The IT Crowd is currently running on British TV Channel 4. If you don't happen to live on British Isles you have to help yourself (*cough*) to find the recent episodes. I heartily recommend watching it and to encourage you, here are two excerpts, which simply rock.

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2007/09/30 12:33 | i_like_it/film/

» Polish Film Festival in Dublin finished

All good things come to an end; so does the festival of Polish films in the Irish Film Institute. As the last impression of Polish works, several films of Krzysztof Zanussi were shown. I went to see Persona non grata (2005), after which there was an hour long meeting with the director.

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2006/11/20 02:34 | i_like_it/film/

» Polish Film Festival in Dublin at half-way point

Continuing the recently mentioned topic I present my review of currently ongoing festival at Irish Film Institute.

One of the biggest attractions of recent days was obviously the visit of Jerzy Stuhr and his two meetings with viewers: one on Saturday after showing Three Colours: White (1994) and the other on Sunday after Tomorrow's Weather (2003). The first meeting was devoted to Krzysztof Kieślowski and his cooperation with Stuhr. He outlined how they worked together throughout the years, starting with the film The Scar (1976), then the cult movie Camera Buff (1979), later Decalogue Ten (1989) and finally the above mentioned White. One must also mention the unfinished project of prematurely deceased Kieślowski – Big Animal (2000).

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2006/11/17 05:13 | i_like_it/film/

» Inconvenient truth

For cinema lovers or ecologists, the title of this post should be familiar. Obviously I will be talking about An Inconvenient Truth (2006) directed by Davis Guggenheim. The main topic of the documentary is the phenomenon of global warming as seen by the Vice President and Almost-A-President-But-Not-Quite :-) Al Gore. The film was highly acclaimed by both critics and U.S. audience. The question is if they really took the message to their hearts or if they forgot about it just after leaving the cinema.

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2006/11/04 04:26 | i_like_it/film/

» The Polish Film Festival in Dublin

What can a Pole living in Dublin do on the Polish Independence Day (11th November)? For instance, he/she can go to a cinema to see a good Polish film! It's another example of an attraction for Poles living in Ireland, after my recent post about Polish football games on TV. Irish Film Institute (a really good cinema, showing mostly non-mainstream repertoire) is organising, in cooperation with our Embassy, The Polish Film Festival. The movie choice is indeed interesting and an additional bonus are the festival's guests: Jerzy Stuhr and Krzysztof Zanussi. If that was not enough, for history lovers the exhibition Roads to Freedom in St. Michael and John's Church. Bravo!

Update: the festival at half-way point.

2006/11/02 00:24 | i_like_it/film/

» Enron: the meanest guys in the room

The title above is a paraphrase of a great documentary movie title: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005). I watched the film at least five times and I think it was done really professionally. For those, who have not heard about Enron, I would like to remind that it was about the biggest corporate bankruptcy in the history of the USA, which in 2001 sank not only Enron and its multiple subsidiaries, but also a well known consulting giant Arthur Andersen. Thousands of employees lost their jobs in one day and, what's worse, they also lost their life's savings, which they invested into artificially inflated Enron stock.

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2006/10/27 01:20 | i_like_it/film/

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