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This site is designed according to the Wit 2.0™ guidelines. What is Wit 2.0?

You may have heard about Web 2.0 initiative. Well, I heard about it too. In fact I heard it so many times that it makes me sick. Why? Guess what, Web 2.0 is bullshit!

There are multiple reasons for that opinion, but the main one is that it is nothing new and nothing revolutionary. It is yet another trendy term used by a bunch of hippies and, so called, Internet entrepreneurs. The details of my criticism are generally in line with what one can found in the Wikipedia article. It just makes me laugh when some of the supposedly revolutionary features are the use of pastel colours, rounded corners, gradients and a “Beta” sticker.

Another characteristic thing is that many people call Google and its services as one of the examples of revolution. Guess what, the foundations of Google were laid out in 1998, probably well before most of the Web 2.0 junkies ran their first web browser. Also when you have last been on Google homepage, have you seen a “Web 2.0 compliant” sticker? You haven't? Because there is no fscking sticker! (props to Pulp Fiction).

What I propose in Wit 2.0 is a more witty approach (surprise!). Let's relax and just make good services instead of trying to sell them under some ambiguous sticker of vague Web 2.0 rules. Let's comply with web standards and usability guidelines. Let's not allow various marketoids mix up people's minds with bullshit terms and phrases. Just be witty!

2006/07/01 01:00 | computers/www/

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