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I'd like to share some of my tips about my current Firefox configuration, which might be useful for someone (and they will surely be useful for myself when doing fresh installs).

The first thing to do is to optimise the toolbars: I like to see as much of the URL as possible, so I use the whole width of the window for that [1]. The standard buttons for Back, Forward, Reload go up to the menu toolbar [2], I removed the unnecessary Stop button (I use keyboard Escape anyway). Obviously Back, Forward, Reload are also available as keyboard shortcuts, but there is no easy way to go back several pages at once. This can be done in one click with the button. The search bar is also moved up, though in fact it could be easily replaced with Smart Keywords [4]. The toolbar under the URL is used exclusively for regular bookmarks and RSS feeds.

The second thing is to make some fixes in the configuration. Apart from those, which are available in the preferences dialog, I also change a few in about:config. In particular: browser.tabs.closeButtons = 3 to remove the individual tab close buttons (Fx 2 displays the crosses on each tab by default, which is a loss of space IMO – it was most likely copied from Safari) [7]. I use Ctrl-W to close tabs anyway. One should also set browser.urlbar.hideGoButton = true to remove the absolutely redundant button at the end of URL bar.

Finally the third change are some useful extensions. I propose the following set:

The screenshot of my Fx

The screenshot of my Fx

2007/03/28 00:15 | computers/www/

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