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I am a proud member of Association for Colour Free Internet which was established to spread the idea of colour-less web pages. As you have probably noticed, majority of websites use the whole palette of colours, making navigation difficult for colour-blind people. Not only that, for those who can still see normally, prolonged staring at colourful text and images will inevitably lead to colour-blindness.

The goal of this non-profit organisation is to make the Internet colour free, i.e. only using black, white and grey. With your support we hope this day will come! Check ACFI homepage for detailed information about our goals, certification and logos.

Disclaimer: this website in its essential part is built with shadows of grey. However, due to their informative value, original colours have been preserved on some photos and videos posted here. For users with acute colour allergy we recommend either turning down the saturation setting of their monitor to zero or leaving this site immediately. The owner of this website claims no responsibility for any damage caused due to violation of rules mentioned above.

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