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» One-click trashed?

It seems that one brave blogger from New Zealand, Peter Calveley hit the first nail in the coffin of 10 years old Amazon's patent called “1-Click Shopping”. It is today one of the classic examples of how broken and extremely prohibitive for small companies the United States patent system is.

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2007/10/17 20:15 | computers/www/

» Don't trust the ranking(.pl)!

Regardless of where you look for the marketing data on Polish Internet, you will most likely notice the statistics published by Gemius company and their site ranking.pl. One can't deny the fact that Gemius is practically a monopoly in large scale statistics in Poland, but on the other hand it doesn't automatically mean that their data is correct.

During the last month many people noticed big changes in global stats, reaching even several million users weekly. For example in the period of 27.03–02.04 they have counted 15.4 million users in Poland and two weeks later the number was already 19.2 million. The last week (24.04–30.04) has shown 18.8 million. Such big changes clearly show that something's wrong. What's worse, not only the number of users has grown suspiciously, but also the proportions have changed dramatically, e.g. IE gained 5% of share and the alternative browsers noted a corresponding drop. Gemius itself stays silent and doesn't explain what's going on. On their blog they prefer to write about their new tool called “The Fairy” for predicting trends. I'm afraid that not only future, but also current statistics are examples of crystal ball science.

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2007/05/05 20:53 | computers/www/

» My Firefox

I'd like to share some of my tips about my current Firefox configuration, which might be useful for someone (and they will surely be useful for myself when doing fresh installs).

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2007/03/28 00:15 | computers/www/

» Wit 2.0™

This site is designed according to the Wit 2.0™ guidelines. What is Wit 2.0?

You may have heard about Web 2.0 initiative. Well, I heard about it too. In fact I heard it so many times that it makes me sick. Why? Guess what, Web 2.0 is bullshit!

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2006/07/01 01:00 | computers/www/

» Association for Colour Free Internet

I am a proud member of Association for Colour Free Internet which was established to spread the idea of colour-less web pages. As you have probably noticed, majority of websites use the whole palette of colours, making navigation difficult for colour-blind people. Not only that, for those who can still see normally, prolonged staring at colourful text and images will inevitably lead to colour-blindness.

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2006/07/01 01:00 | computers/www/

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