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» Polish Wikipedia to be issued on DVD by Helion

Since a few months there are ongoing works on preparing an official Polish Wikipedia DVD. It will be published by Helion Publishing Group. A copy of Wikipedia was already issued before as an attachment to Enter magazine, but that DVD was not prepared very well – it was full of mistakes. Wikipedia, as an encyclopedia which everyone can edit will always contain some percent of errors, both factual and technical. As the Wikipedia matures, its quality certainly improves as well – such wikipedias as English or German are already really good. The Polish one is still not perfect, but nevertheless we are one of the top ones among all the languages.

The idea of Helion's issue is to manually verify all the articles in order to fix the most outstanding mistakes. The most active people will receive some money for their work, but in large part this project is based on volunteer work. Recently I joined the team, because the project is somewhat delayed and they need more hands and eyes to do the dull work. I don't have much time at disposal, but I think even a small contribution counts.

What's important is the fact, that according to GFDL license the fixes made in Helion's copy can be imported back to Wikipedia. As a result, it is a win-win situation and the Polish users will, hopefully, receive a well published Wikipedia on DVD.

2006/10/22 23:39 | computers/wikipedia/

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