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» Polish Wikipedia released on DVD!

After a more than a year long wait, the Polish edition of Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia was released on DVD disc by Helion. As one of the supporting editors I recently got a free copy of the DVD and a mug, so this is a good occasion to review our job.

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2007/09/02 18:12 | computers/wikipedia/

» Lech Wałęsa on Wikipedia

There is a page on Polish Wikipedia called Report an error in article, which helps people not acquainted with the technical aspects of editing wiki pages to let us know about some mistakes. The reports are usually justified and the articles are fixed accordingly. Nevertheless, from time to time, one can find some groundless requests or spam. For that reason, when I saw the report today signed by a person calling himself “Lech Wałęsa” (former Solidarity movement leader and a president of Poland) I thought it was yet another joke. A small investigation shows however, that it might in fact be a genuine request.

Here's my rough translation of the “error” report (I tried to replicate original spelling and grammar mistakes in Polish, emphasis mine):

Lech Wałęsa Information about me here is untrue these are all insolent lies and slanders .All positives omitted .The court should take care of that .The history will corect you, insolent liars .L Wałęsa

Sender: Lech Wałęsa, 23:48, 11 Jul 2007 (CEST)

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2007/08/06 22:05 | computers/wikipedia/

» Polish Wikipedia to be issued on DVD by Helion

Since a few months there are ongoing works on preparing an official Polish Wikipedia DVD. It will be published by Helion Publishing Group. A copy of Wikipedia was already issued before as an attachment to Enter magazine, but that DVD was not prepared very well – it was full of mistakes. Wikipedia, as an encyclopedia which everyone can edit will always contain some percent of errors, both factual and technical. As the Wikipedia matures, its quality certainly improves as well – such wikipedias as English or German are already really good. The Polish one is still not perfect, but nevertheless we are one of the top ones among all the languages.

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2006/10/22 23:39 | computers/wikipedia/

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