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» Bye bye, SCO!

Recently NASDAQ stock exchange said goodbye to SCO, when their stock price dropped to practically zero, and the company filed for bankruptcy. I'm quite disappointed though, that it lasted for so long and they still had enough cash for day to day operations even though courts confirmed they used FUD practices. As it turned out, SCO doesn't have any intellectual property rights for Linux source code, as they claimed with all the bells and whistles in 2003.

Today their stance is rather modest. It's interesting that the biggest banner on SCO's home page is devoted to… a patch for their commercial Unix systems related to daylight savings time change in the U.S. and Canada in 2007. It is thus a bit of a latecomer, at the moment. It shows exactly the state of the company going down – it's a shame it took so long and cost so much nerves. Die SCO, die!

SCO home page and a huge banner

SCO home page and a huge banner

2008/01/02 02:10 | computers/other/

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