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» Bye bye, SCO!

Recently NASDAQ stock exchange said goodbye to SCO, when their stock price dropped to practically zero, and the company filed for bankruptcy. I'm quite disappointed though, that it lasted for so long and they still had enough cash for day to day operations even though courts confirmed they used FUD practices. As it turned out, SCO doesn't have any intellectual property rights for Linux source code, as they claimed with all the bells and whistles in 2003.

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2008/01/02 02:10 | computers/other/

» Conan O'Brien vs Intel

Conan O'Brien recorded quite a funny movie from Intel headquarters. It remarkable that the company agreed to show that… Lots of fun but also serious criticism of giant firms. Admittedly, one of the big companies I know doesn't look that bad though, as you can see in the pictures below:

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2007/09/06 23:19 | computers/other/

» Another rootkit from Sony

It might seem that after the previous scandal with rootkit software on CDs, Sony will be more cautious. Well… it seems that one lesson of PR is not enough. F-Secure labs found rootkit-like software on USB pendrive integrated with fingerprint reader, made by the very same company.

2007/09/02 20:24 | computers/other/

» IBM gadgets

Recently I have visited the office of IBM Poland in business and because of that I got some new gadgets for my collection. As an old gadgetology maniac, let me show you what does IBM have in stock.

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2007/06/27 17:59 | computers/other/

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