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» Poland votes yes on OOXML

The inevitable happened. The Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) will most likely agree to OOXML fast-track approval within ISO, as the Technical Committee 182 voted so on August 30th. The votes were: 17 approval with comments, 3 abstain.

Initially, the Polish decision seemed negative, when the Technical Committee 171 (Computer Networks and Software) charged with OOXML standard analysis voted so on August 17th. Upon hearing that TC 171, which had several open source movement members will not approve OOXML, PKN quickly switched the decision-making process to TC 182 (Information Protection in Computer Systems). The move was not justified, except for simple explanation by Sławomir Wroński that TC 182 is better suited for the subject matter. Two open-source activists applied to join the committee, and were initially promised they will be able to vote, but just one day before, the decision was reverted. They were only allowed to sit and listen, but not take active role in the committee.

The voting process of TC 182 was quite peculiar, because several members decided to leave the long meeting and they passed their votes to others. Thus one person had four votes, for instance.

Several protests were sent already to PKN and TC 182 on behalf of: Free and Open Source Foundation, TC 171 members, Google Poland, IBM Poland, but I really doubt they will make the difference in Polish vote among ISO. The whole process was planned to the last minute so that there is not enough time to protest or make any changes. Although it is not as clear situation of vote-buying as in Sweden, it strikes me as something from typical Microsoft lobbying portfolio.

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