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» My opinion on OOXML standardisation

As some of you might know, Microsoft is trying hard to push its Office Open XML (OOXML) format. It was created as a competitor to the existing, ISO-standardised ODF format (used, among others, in OpenOffice.org). The company is also lobbying for ISO approval of OOXML, which is a decision by all ISO member organisations in many countries. The Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) passed the OOXML application to the Technical Committee 182. It was almost approved automatically, but thanks to a pretty big outcry on the Polish web, they accepted to postpone the decision and allow public comments submission. In spite of numerous technical mistakes and – contrary to the name – partially closed specification, OOXML seems to have a great support in the standardisation bodies, most likely thanks to the Microsoft's campaign. I strongly advise you to read more about the issue and contact your local standardisation organisation if you feel the proposed standard is not ready for approval yet. For Polish speakers, there's more in the Polish version of this post.

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