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» MSN Soapbox - does it make sense?

Recently Microsoft came up with a beta version (obviously!) of MSN Soapbox, a product competing with video sharing services like YouTube and Google Video. In test phase, full access is limited to a group of beta-testers only and anonymous users are only shown a welcome page with a random video.

The question is, if there is still enough space on the market for yet another video sharing service and if Microsoft will be able to propose something new. In my opinion it will not become very successful; the market seems to be already saturated with similar services. A drawback which I can see today (having anonymous preview only) is that they require Flash 8. Competing sites work fine in Flash 7, which is the last version available for Linux, though recently a testing version of Flash 9 was unveiled, but it will take some time before it stabilizes and becomes popular. Besides, the playback on Soapbox is jerky for me.

It's self-ironic to see a parody of MSN, which I accidentaly found on this site:

2006/11/13 05:02 | computers/microsoft/

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