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» Microsoft bought Swedish votes for OOXML case

Another day, another shocking news related to the heated debate about OOXML format. It seems that Microsoft bought votes in the Swedish standards organisation (SIS) thus winning the support of Sweden in ISO. During earlier meetings it seemed that most of the OOXML working group where against the proposed standard. However, on the day of the voting, August 27th, about twenty representatives of various companies – Microsoft partners – showed up in the room and paid the membership fee (2500 dollars). People opposing OOXML were given an option to leave without paying the fee if they wanted. In protest against buying the votes they have left, including IBM representatives who called the event a farce.

The final result was: 25 in favour, 6 against, 4 abstain. On Joakim's blog you can find the list of companies, who took part in the voting, mostly MS partners. Among them, only Google has a known stance against OOXML (local copy).

It's a sad day for open standards and the so called democracy. Related posts:

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