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» Oh, fsck! A new exploit for Linux

There's a new Linux local root exploit, working in kernels 2.6.17 – It's a long time since such a big hole was found in so many kernel versions at once. The exploit was confirmed to work in Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and possibly many more. So it looks like we'll need a run of quick updates, goddamnit! The hole was found in vmsplice() function, which by the way can be easily disabled at kernel compilation stage.

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2008/02/11 01:59 | computers/linux/

» Uploading photos to Picasa Web Albums from Linux

Picasa Web Albums is one of many websites for hosting photos online and making web galleries. I for one like the site a lot; I'm not quite a fan of Flickr, for instance.

Up until quite recently, users of operating systems other than Windows or Mac OS X had a problem though – no tools were available for batch uploading. A couple of pictures are not a big deal, one can just upload them via web form, but if you have more than a dozen, clicking becomes very cumbersome. The Picasa client for Linux, available since June 2006 (works under WINE) does not support Picasa Web. Fortunately, Google following the tradition of open standards, recently published the API for Picasa Web Albums.

Update: 2007-06-25.

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2007/06/25 21:44 | computers/linux/

» Pingwinaria 2007 ended

The annual meeting of Polish Linux community Pingwinaria 2007 has finished a week ago. I write about it now, because I was waiting to collect some photos from my group.

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2007/03/26 22:25 | computers/linux/

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