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» Prima Googlilis

Every year about this time Google reveals yet another April Fools' joke. Today is no different, though I think we had a real wealth of jokes this year.

TiSP system after installation

TiSP system after installation

The first thing to mention is obviously the new groundbreaking invention: Google TiSP, i.e. Toilet ISP. The technology solves the well known problem of “the last hundred yards”, which is the PITA of most Internet providers. Google put into reality the famous metaphor of US Senator Ted Stevens, who almost a year ago when speaking about net neutrality called the Internet “the series of tubes”. Thanks to the deal with most plumbing and sewage system companies, the service will use existing pipes which reach the toilet of every single apartment. The idea is simple and genius at the same time. And what's more important, the basic broadband service is going to be free, like other Google services!

TiSP diagram

TiSP diagram

The second news from Google Labs is the free Gmail Paper service, which gives you the option to print any number of messages in your Gmail mailbox and have them sent directly home. Very useful for those, who don't like reading off the computer screen. The printouts have one drawback though, as noticed by one of the beta testers Mayumi M.:

“Now that I have Gmail Paper, I understand the difference between labels and folders. I had one message with two labels, but when I tried to stick the paper version into two filing cabinets at the same time, it just wouldn’t go.”

ID – the new Apple and Google mobile device

ID – the new Apple and Google mobile device

The Register brings up the news about ID phone. The new device is a joint project of Apple and Google and it appears to be the final version of “the ultimate phone”. iPhone, which was announced several months ago, appears to be just an early prototype of what was finally revealed today. Keeping up the tradition of minimalistic interface design known from iPod, the new device doesn't have any buttons. Futhermore, the limited size of the box didn't leave enough space for the SIM card or GSM antenna. It means, that with “ID” you won't be able to make any calls, but according to the inventors this is hardly a problem: “Let's face it, they don't like talking and most of them have no one to call anyway. When you take the 'Phone' from 'iPhone' you're left with er, 'I', so we've focussed on satisfying the I”. Thanks to the vast Google archive of our search queries, e-mail, chat sessions, blogs etc. the device will show highly personalized ads. For instance when you visit your local shopping mall it will appropriately show “Buy Viagra”.

The fourth news is the Google Writer. GoogleOS blog found the secret new service which allows you to create blog entries, articles or school essays. Google Writer can generate a full article simply after putting a few keywords. You no longer have to put so much effort into building sentences and searching for interesting content. After all the motto of the service is “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

P.S. About the title of the post, April Fools' Day in Polish is called “Prima Aprilis”.

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