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Before Polish Google Video launch on 11 July 2006 the Video team was looking for native insiders who could help with testing and translating the new service. I volunteered for the Polish part and it happened that I was also given the opportunity to select Google Picks for the Polish section.

Google Picks are the videos which we feel are worth promoting, either for their unique content, important subject or otherwise interesting. The criteria are pretty strict – we avoid promoting videos with potential copyright violations, those which are not family safe or have bad quality.

Ideally, the videos should be in Polish or universal (i.e. without spoken or written foreign language). It's not always possible to make a good selection; we need more quality content from Polish uploaders without potential copyright violations. For example, if you use a commercial music in background without a license from the publisher/artist then you are potentially violating their copyright. I know this sucks, but on the other hand people should be more aware of how the licenses work and look for alternatives. There's plenty of good music released under Creative Commons licenses or other free alternatives.

Feel free to send suggestions for Video Picks: wanted(at)linux.gda.pl.

2006/10/03 00:17 | computers/google/

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