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» Lost in translation

A strange slip-up in the Polish version of Google is still visible online for at least two weeks and nobody seems to care to fix it. When you go to the advanced search page, you'll see the “Usage Rights” option with a select box, with the first line reading (my translation): “The purpose of the auction is to collect money to fund the holidays for children from orphanage in Mosty and to realize the statute goals of the Foundation”. The text comes from animatica.org website and seems to be a result of accidental copy-paste operation in the translation database. A screenshot is posted below.

Google lost in translation

Google lost in translation

I'll try to use my contacts in Google to solve the problem, because the page not only contains a silly option, but its length also breaks the layout.

Update (2007-08-27): another stupid mistake in the translation was found in Google Calendar, the Print option. In English and Polish the word “auto” means both “automatic” and “car”. In this case, the translator chose the latter variant instead of the former… It's likely that the translation was supported with an existing translation database, but someone should at least have a look at it and check the context before going public.

Auto or a car?

Auto or a car?

2007/08/27 19:33 | computers/google/

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