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» Gmail grows to 9 GB - NOT!

Some people have seen that Google decided to expand Gmail mailboxes to 9 GB. Not that I would ever plan to fill my current mailbox, but it's still a nice feature. As a matter of fact, when I was at Google I used to get so much mail, that the standard Gmail's 2 GB could be filled quite quickly (but employee's mailboxes had 15 GB at that time anyway). Anyway, the reality is that Google is now offering a shared storage service for both Gmail and Picasa Web Albums. If you have bought 6 GB extra storage for Picasa already, then your Gmail account will show 9 GB total storage now. Additionally, the price of the extra space has dropped a bit – for 6 GB you'll pay $20/year (earlier $25/year). It's a great offer for those who store a lot of pictures/e-mail and a prelude to the anticipated GDrive file storage service.

Gmail has 9 GB, the screenshot comes from Blogoscoped

Gmail has 9 GB, the screenshot comes from Blogoscoped

2007/08/10 00:57 | computers/google/

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