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Until now, when you wanted to embed Google Maps in your website you had to apply for an API key and put some JavaScript code. Starting today, the maps can be embedded in a similar fashion to YouTube videos – all you need to do is to click the “Link to this page” link from Google Maps interface and you'll get the HTML code to copy and paste. Embedding is done using HTML mechanism called IFRAME (inline frame). I think it's a great help for users and it will get popular quickly.

One can embed not only regular maps, but also the ones generated in My Maps, where you can put pointers and routes, for instance. Here's an example of such a map – the route I made everyday from home to Google office in Dublin. Quite close, isn't it? Furthermore, I had a bike, which made the commute even faster.

2007/08/21 23:28 | computers/google/

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