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» Drag and drop in Google Maps

Wah-Wah-Wee-Wah! – that would be Borat's reaction to the new feature of Google Maps – click & drag interface. Thanks to the new function, when searching for directions we're no longer limited to only one route selected by Google's algorithm. Although in most cases it was quite robust, but sometimes it is nice to make manual corrections, e.g. when you want to visit a certain place in the middle of the route or you want to avoid toll highways (not a big deal in Poland at the moment though :-)).

Adding an intermediate point in Google Maps route

Adding an intermediate point in Google Maps route

As usual, Google Maps heavily rely on AJAX here, allowing to simply drag the markers with your mouse. The list of intermediate points on the left side can also be sorted with drag and drop technique.

Respect, chapeau bas, for great speed and usability. In the past, I have used ViaMichelin several times (a pretty good road mapping service as well, BTW) because of the lack of route variants in GMaps. There is a short video below demonstrating the new functions.

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