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» Almost like iPhone®

My dear friend, Tomasz Rychlicki got quite annoyed recently about Apple's practices. The gist of the issue is creating interfaces similar to the one demonstrated recently on iPhone. One of the bloggers in Malaysia, Tzy Wen decided to write an overlay for his Windows Mobile powered PDA, which would emulate iPhone's behaviour. He sat down, wrote the code, it worked fine – so he published it on his site. He also recorded a short movie showing how the program works and put it on YouTube. When Apple lawyers heard about the program, they considered it a violation of copyright (say what?) and using DMCA as an excuse they requested files and the movie to be removed from author's site. Enter Tomek, a lawyer specialising in copyright and intellectual property…

Annoyed by Apple's actions, Tomek published the emulator and the movie on his blog. In his opinion, the company's threats are without legal merit. I think that the IP violation is very unlikely in this case, because using others' ideas is quite common in computer science. Microsoft does copy many of the GUI innovations from Mac OS to Windows and nobody seems to make a lot of fuss about it.

Out of curiosity I had a look in Tomek's server logs and it seems that he already had some visits straight from the dragon's lair, i.e. *.apple.com hosts (I trust revDNS here). I filtered the entries, where the Referer field contained “rychlicki.net”, i.e. following internal links on the site. I only wanted to count hits from external links and direct ones. After filtering, 32 entries were left, which I analised in the table below, breaking them down by browsers and hardware.

Safari Firefox Camino
Browsers 29 2 1
Intel PPC
Platforms 20 12

One can see, that Apple employees are mostly faithful to their native browser, Safari. However, there were three “bad apples” (pun intended) who, for some reason, prefer Mozilla-based browsers. On the other hand, platform stats indicate that Intel is already the dominant platform after Apple announced they abandon PowerPC, though there is still a substantial number of classic Mac users. On a positive note, none of the visitors got his hands dirty by using Windows or MSIE :-)

2007/04/13 22:48 | computers/apple/

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