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» It's pronounced “Koo-bee-tza”!

In a few moments the show in Bahrain with our Robert Kubica's main role will start. And the foreigners should really learn how to pronounce the name, cause they will really need it :-)

How to celebrate Kubica's Pole Position? As an experiment I bought Lithuanian wheat beer Švyturys.



2008/04/06 13:25 | i_like_it/sport/

» Oh, fsck! A new exploit for Linux

There's a new Linux local root exploit, working in kernels 2.6.17 – It's a long time since such a big hole was found in so many kernel versions at once. The exploit was confirmed to work in Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and possibly many more. So it looks like we'll need a run of quick updates, goddamnit! The hole was found in vmsplice() function, which by the way can be easily disabled at kernel compilation stage.

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2008/02/11 01:59 | computers/linux/

» Rule no 3: Spammers are stupid

The post title comes from the well known in anti-spam community list of spammer rules. A few days ago I received a spam e-mail on one of my servers, which wouldn't be of any interest except for the unusual addressee.

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2008/01/31 02:47 | computers/spam/

» Bye bye, SCO!

Recently NASDAQ stock exchange said goodbye to SCO, when their stock price dropped to practically zero, and the company filed for bankruptcy. I'm quite disappointed though, that it lasted for so long and they still had enough cash for day to day operations even though courts confirmed they used FUD practices. As it turned out, SCO doesn't have any intellectual property rights for Linux source code, as they claimed with all the bells and whistles in 2003.

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2008/01/02 02:10 | computers/other/

» Christmas gingerbread

As some of my regular readers might have noticed, the frequency of new blog posts dropped recently. I hope that being a just baked young father is a good enough excuse for that :-)

Regarding baking – today the whole family under the direction of my loved wife baked gingerbread cookies for Christmas. Yummy and lasting, they can even stay edible for several months, which is a nice feature for geeks and students. Highly recommended, if needed I can share the recipe. The wife can't be shared, I'm afraid.

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2007/12/23 23:47 | i_like_it/photo/

» Google says “B” in paid links case

Several months ago Google publicly said “A” by including paid links among forbidden methods of SEO. Users were encouraged to report pages using such links and the spam fighting team, which has Matt Cutts in the ranks, worked on an algorithm to detect such pages.

Regardless of clear signs that paid links, as one of the techniques used to cheat search engines are not allowed, during those months Google AdWords and AdSense still allowed the companies working in paid links business to run ads. The problem was widely commented on many sites as a sign of duplicity from Google, on one hand fighiting with illegal SEO in organic results and on the other allowing the same companies to run ads via AdWords/AdSense and indirectly making money on the business.

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2007/12/13 07:00 | computers/google/

» PKP leaflet and typography

While being recently at Gdańsk railway station, I was a bit bored and I took a leaflet from PKP (Polish State Railways). It contains the train schedule between Gdynia and Hel (there are more, for other routes as well) and it's obviously nothing special, except for a tiny detail on the back…

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2007/11/16 13:16 | places/tricity/

» SKM ticket machines

For several months now there are ticket machines installed on Szybka Kolej Miejska (SKM, the suburban railway in Tricity, Poland) platforms. Recently, I had the opportunity to test the devices myself and here is my review.

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2007/11/11 21:47 | places/tricity/

» Amelka

Your coming, my dearest, caused
This vast happiness in my house!

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2007/10/30 18:40 | info/

» The final countdown

It's going to happen tomorrow – the final race of 2007 Formula 1 season. I wonder which one of the three World Champion title pretenders will have the most luck…

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2007/10/21 00:30 | i_like_it/sport/

» One-click trashed?

It seems that one brave blogger from New Zealand, Peter Calveley hit the first nail in the coffin of 10 years old Amazon's patent called “1-Click Shopping”. It is today one of the classic examples of how broken and extremely prohibitive for small companies the United States patent system is.

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2007/10/17 20:15 | computers/www/

» Google and piracy (IT Crowd)

A second season of the cult TV series The IT Crowd is currently running on British TV Channel 4. If you don't happen to live on British Isles you have to help yourself (*cough*) to find the recent episodes. I heartily recommend watching it and to encourage you, here are two excerpts, which simply rock.

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2007/09/30 12:33 | i_like_it/film/

» Subliminal advertising 2

In my previous post I wrote about subliminal advertising in the form of single frames inserted into a movie. It was never proven that this form of advertising influences the viewer at all. However, there are other ways to inconspicuously influence people, as two employees of English advertising agency Maher Bird Associates found out (horrible website, BTW).

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2007/09/29 23:18 | media/ad/

» McDonald's: subliminal or viral marketing?

OK, this is pretty old, but I just happened to stumble upon this. On January 27th, 2007 the American TV station Food Network during their regular program shown just one frame with McDonald's logo.

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2007/09/20 20:39 | media/ad/

» Vision Express OMG!

Many people wrote about the new Vision Express commercial in Poland, but I haven't seen it recorded anywhere yet. I asked Hubert “Depesz” Lubaczewski to share his TV recording and I'm posting it below.

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2007/09/13 19:30 | media/ad/

» Conan O'Brien vs Intel

Conan O'Brien recorded quite a funny movie from Intel headquarters. It remarkable that the company agreed to show that… Lots of fun but also serious criticism of giant firms. Admittedly, one of the big companies I know doesn't look that bad though, as you can see in the pictures below:

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2007/09/06 23:19 | computers/other/

» Commercial Union and a cut tree

In my previous post about the music in ads I wrote about Wedel-Cadbury. Several people commented on Polish version that there's another ad with similar nice music – Commercial Union Poland with the cut down tree motive. Both in the comments and on the web one can find suggestions that the music is “Les Jours Tristes (Instrumental)” by Yann Tiersen. Is that really the case?

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2007/09/04 20:12 | media/ad/

» OOXML denied by ISO!

It seems that the countries voting on OOXML in ISO were against the fast-track approval of this standard (official ISO announcement). It means, that Microsoft will have to take care of hundreds of problems found in the specification and the final decision is postponed at least until February 2008.

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2007/09/04 18:41 | computers/microsoft/

» Another rootkit from Sony

It might seem that after the previous scandal with rootkit software on CDs, Sony will be more cautious. Well… it seems that one lesson of PR is not enough. F-Secure labs found rootkit-like software on USB pendrive integrated with fingerprint reader, made by the very same company.

2007/09/02 20:24 | computers/other/

» A short movie about Gmail

Google started a new funny project – a group video advertising Gmail. The idea is that users create short flicks (up to 10 seconds) where the red envelope (Gmail logo) moves from left to right edge of the screen. After joining the videos one will get something symbolising the long way an e-mail must travel.

Together with Iza I have just created our proposal, we'll see if it gets chosen to the final movie…

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2007/09/02 20:08 | computers/google/

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